NO. There is no need to buy those crazy costly filters. The most important thing is changing your filter. The cheapest filter changed every month is better than any expensive one that claims to be better and last longer. All filters, regardless of advertising, should be changed every month. There are exceptions to this rule, like filters inside filtration systems you can have installed or certain units (usually commercial systems) that have filters rated for 6 months or more. So as far as your typical single-family home, filters don’t matter. Buy the cheap ones and change them often.

Suppose you want something a little better than regular filters, look into filtration systems like PureAir systems that you can add to your existing ac systems. These units use things like charcoal, UV light, and commercial-grade 1-year filters (depending on the kind you get) to keep the air in your home extra clean. If you often have a lot of dust in your home or you have a lot of pets and changing your filter regularly doesn’t seem to do much, a PureAir system might be for you. For questions or estimates on installing a PureAir, give us a call at 623.229.4389