First, let’s talk about the things that are considered neglect. Your Air Conditioning system needs attention like everything else in your life. Just as your car needs its oil changed and tires rotated, your AC system needs its filter changed. Filter changes are recommended every 30 days, but sometimes sooner, depending on your environment. There can be costly consequences when you don’t change your filter when you should.

Higher energy bills: When your filter is stuffed with dust and dander, it can’t breathe. This can lead to your system working harder, and a harder-working system costs more to run. 

Costly cleanings: While it’s recommended to have your ducts cleaned every 5-7 years, if you aren’t on top of your filter changes, your ducts and blower could become dirty sooner. The only way for dirt and dust to get into your system is from the entrance where the filter is. If your system is caked with dust, the only way that can happen is neglect. Cleanings are pricy, and having to do them more often than you should drain your bank account. Changing your filter is a much cheaper option. 

Health: We discussed dust and cleanings above, but your health is another issue with a dirty system. Your home is your sanctuary; the air you breathe should be clean. A filter catches the dirt and dander in the air, and when it’s dirty, or there isn’t one there at all, the dirt and dander are just pushed through your system to collect and get tossed out again all over your house. You are breathing in all the things you probably don’t want to breathe in. 

Shorten the life of your system:  Your AC system should last a minimum of 10 years, usually 15 or more. If you neglect your system, it will overwork it, and the time to replace it will become much shorter.