Everyone has their idea of what’s comfortable, but have you ever walked into someone else’s house, and it felt way too cold or too hot? Interestingly, each person has their level of comfort when it comes to the temperature of their house, but what are the most common temperature settings for homes in different seasons?
63 to 72F is the range that is comfortable for most people, but does the season matter? In the winter, 70 degrees Fahrenheit is the most common setting for most people. If you want to save money, 68F is the best wintertime setting for energy saving, according to most utility companies.

Summertime settings vary from place to place since where you live sets your body up to be used to harsher heat. Here in Arizona, the temp outside rises to upwards of 110F in the summertime, so we like the indoors to be nice and cool; an average of 68F is most thermostats in the summertime. Some places that don’t get as hot, like Hawaii, can comfortably keep their AC (if they have one) at 74F, mostly to cut the humidity out of the air and less to cool the home down.
What temperature is most comfortable for you and your family?