Did you recently have an air conditioning maintenance done by a technician who told you the coils need to be cleaned? You might be holding off on proceeding with the coil cleaning because you feel the technician was just trying to sell you something. As an HVAC contractor who has been in business many years, we’ve heard that a few times or so. When our technicians find that the coils are dirty, it is their responsibility to inform you. However, each tech communicates differently. If they haven’t told you why it’s important to clean the coils, read more to find out.  

Dirty evap and condenser coils are a common diagnosis on our no cool service calls. When the coils become extremely dirty, the coil will freeze and not allow air across the coil. After this occurs, the system would need to be shut down for hours so the ice can thaw. After the ice thaws, a trained technician will need to perform a chemical cleaning and test the system to ensure it is operational. If the coils weren’t packed with dirt and debris, the system wouldn’t have frozen and stopped cooling. Now you have a service call bill and additional fees that could’ve been avoided! 

If you need your coils cleaned or want a second opinion, Pro Solutions Air is here to help! We have the skilled and certified technicians who can do the job no matter how dirty the coil is. Our chemical cleanings are effective and safe! We take our time ensuring the coils come out as clean as possible. With a coil cleaning by Pro Solutions Air and regular filter change every 30 days, we guarantee you won’t need to schedule a service call this summer because of a frozen coil. For any questions or concerns, Pro Solutions Air is available at 623-229-4389.    

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