Your air conditioning system is there for you all summer long and if you live in Phoenix, Arizona, that’s a LONG summer! The nice 70-degree weather we got to enjoy those short few months is now coming to an end.  Are you ready? Better question, is your air conditioning unit ready? You might think “Ahhh it’ll be fine, I don’t need to schedule a maintenance this year.” Well, I’m here to tell you in the most respectful way, you’re wrong! A yearly A/C check-up is essential for various reasons… 

Money Savings- Routine maintenance prevents costly repairs, lowers electric costs, prolongs the life of the system, and keeps the system’s manufacturer warranty intact.   

Improved Air Quality- When you get a coil cleaning and duct cleaning done, you’re reducing pollutants spread throughout the home. Though these services are usually an additional cost, it’s worth the price to breathe in cleaner air.  

Comfort- Routine maintenance reduces the chance of your system breaking down on a 115-degree summer day keeping you comfortable.  

Give yourself the peace of mind knowing your air conditioning system is going to keep you cool this summer with no issues. With routine maintenance done by a certified technician and regular monthly filter changes, you can ensure your house will be cool all summer long. Pro Solutions Air has the professional and experienced staff to assist you and your unit! To schedule a maintenance, talk with our dispatcher at 623-229-4389