It’s the middle of January and all of a sudden, your homes furnace isn’t heating. Not only are you freezing but now you have to worry about shelling out money for a service call! Many homeowners don’t realize there are actually things you could do before calling a contractor and paying them to tell you what was a simple solution. If you want to save money by trying to solve the problem yourself, here are some things you can start with…  

1.) Thermostat- Whether you have an old school thermostat or a fancy wifi thermostat, be sure you’re adjusting it to “heat” when you want to kick the heater on. If you don’t and it’s set to “cool”, well don’t expect your home to magically get warm. When you go to adjust your settings and the tstat is blank, it’s either time to replace the batteries or the thermostat. We suggest trying to change out the batteries first!  

2.) Power- Check the power switch on the unit to ensure it is in the “on” position. If you have an electric system, verify the circuit breaker is sending electricity to the unit. With a gas system, ensure the pilot light is on. In some cases, installers forget to turn it on after installing a whole new system.   

3.) Filters- I cannot stress this enough… change your filters! One of the most common causes for air conditioning and heating failure is due to the homeowner not regularly replacing the filters. Dirty and packed filters reduce airflow and create damage on various parts of your system. Replace the filters EVERY 30 DAYS. 

4.) Condensation Pan- Check the condensation pan to ensure it’s not full and if it is, drain the reservoir pan. Verify the drain line doesn’t have any blockages. Most systems will automatically shut off when the pan is full. This is to protect your system from being damaged. When clearing the condensation line and removing the water from the reservoir pan, you should be able to reset the system and get the heater operating again.  

Hopefully you’re able to get your heater or furnace back up and running by performing these tips. If not and you need a service provider, Pro Solutions Air is available to assist you! Our trained technicians will go through the system and provide any repair or replacement options. We strive to take care of our customers and would enjoy the opportunity to take care of you! Call our office anytime to schedule a service call or inspection. 623-229-4389