Does it feel like no matter how many times a week you dust, it’s never enough? The average homeowner doesn’t have enough time to dust every single day… We have kids to drop off and pick up from school, money to make, mouths to feed, and handle whatever else is going on. Wouldn’t it be easier to deal with the excessive dust if you knew why it was happening? 

The uncontrollable amount of extra dust could be because of your HVAC system and old filter. Your unit brings in dust from outside, goes through the entire system, and gets blocked by the filter.

The filter prevents dust and debris from entering the home. If the filter is dirty, it’s not doing what it needs to keep airborne dust and debris out of the house. This is part of the reason why it’s important to change your filters every 30 days in the Phoenix, AZ area. Regularly changing your filters, is the best and cheapest way to lessen airborne dust and maintain the life of your AC system.

Dust, dirt, dead skin cells, and pet hair builds up in the air and eventually needs somewhere to land. Whether it’s on your furniture or décor, it is definitely in your carpet. To prevent buildup, you need to keep your floors clean. Vacuum daily or every other day especially if you have messy kids and furry dogs!  

With summer coming to an end soon, most of us like to open up the doors and windows to let the nice fresh air in. When we do that, we’re basically welcoming dirt into our home. However, if you’re experiencing the same dust issue when all the doors and windows are closed, it’s likely they could have a leak. Check to make sure they’re all sealed… top to bottom. This will also help with keeping the hot or cold air out!  

Speaking of leaks… if your homes air ducts aren’t sealed properly, it could really cause a dust problem. Take a look at your registers on the ceiling… Are they dirty? Is the area around the register black? If so, call a contracted HVAC specialist to seal the ducts for you.  

Stop constantly dusting and breathing in airborne dirt and debris. It’s time consuming and bad for your health. Be sure to take the necessary steps to lessen the amount of dirt in the home. For a licensed and professional HVAC contractor to seal the ducts, you can reach out to us at Pro Solutions Air and we would be happy to help you! 623-229-4389